Welcome to the World, Miss Julia {Minnesota Newborn Photographer}

    It is so fun when friends have babies.  Not only do I just love babies, but of course I love to photograph them!  Newborns are always a challenge, but as I have practiced, learned, and studied I have become quite comfortable photographing them and have actually become quite good at it.

    I did an in-home session the first time around for Miss Julia.  She was such an angel, and slept through almost the whole thing (just what we photographers like!)  I had brought some accessories and setups, but I didn’t have access to my full arsenal, so I asked her Mom to bring her in for a studio session.

    Ahhhhh…. what a dream!  Even at a whopping 17 days old (old by newborn photography standards, LOL) she still slept and slept, and let us do a great variety of setups.  She definitely wanted to stay curled up and got a little upset with me when I tried too hard for some poses, but it was such an incredible opportunity to capture her sweet little personality during those first days.

    Now getting her 4-year old brother to sit still for a “posed” photo was another story!  😉



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