Pixie Chick – From Abandoned to Knowing Love

    Meet Pixie.

    Pixie was left by her prior “owners” – abandoned in a home in St. Paul.  She was taken to St. Paul Animal Control and turned over to a local rescue organization.

    These photos were taken several days after she was rescued, but you can clearly see that she is emaciated and was initially severely dehydrated, barely able to stand.  She was even having trouble taking in water, even though she tried really hard.  Her feet have urine burns and her fur is stained from being forced to stand in her own waste.  It is believed she may have been left in a crate that was too small for her, because she was completely hunched over initially.  Pixie currently weighs about 1/2 of what a healthy dog like her should.

    Pixie still shows the physical scars of her abuse, but this girl has spirit!  She is friendly and loves attention.

    Pixie was taken in by the wonderful Ruff Start Rescue and will be completely nursed back to health before being placed for adoption.  It will be a slow process getting her healthy, but her foster Dad Chris absolutely adores her and will give her all the time she needs.  She is young, sassy, and just looking for love.  If you know anyone looking to add a fun addition to their home that can love her forever, please contact the rescue.

    Local rescues can only continue helping dogs like Pixie with the support of the community through adoptions and donations. Help us share her and share her story.   You can sponsor Pixie by clicking here!0N2C3647-Edit.jpg



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